Campsite Comparisons: Day 1-10

So we’ve been on the road for a month and a half now and have stayed in a WIDE variety of campsite locations and overnight options. There are paid campgrounds, free campsites in forests, Walmarts, Breweries, Casinos, and more. I figured It’d be fun to do a pros and cons comparison of all the different places we stayed between Florida and South Dakota.

Kansas City Barbecue Hopping

When you think of BBQ, Kansas City is definitely one of the top cities that comes to mind. When we were planning our big US road trip, we wanted to integrate BBQ into the trip as much as possible. Originally we had the trip carving along the south through Texas but when we flipped it to go counter clockwise instead, we instead got to treat ourselves to Kansas City!

Adventure Diary: Visits with Friends

When we started planning this big US road trip over a year ago, we had the entire route planned out to leave in March and go clockwise along the south and then up the west coast from there. When we decided to postpone until September, we were forced to flip the entire route counter-clockwise and head north through the plains instead.

Roaming with Roo: RV Renovation

If you haven’t fell down the rabbit hole of RV Renovation on Instagram yet, you’re missing out. Last year during the beginning of the ‘rona, I spent much of my time daydreaming about escaping and adventuring. Kyle and I had begun this plan of selling the house and moving out to Colorado so we’d be able to explore the west for a few years. As the year went on and we started to realize the profit we could make off the house, the trip evolved and turned into a road trip!

Adventure Diary: Copake Camping Weekend

I love a good old fashioned adventure diary post! Sometimes it’s nice to just share an adventure that I’ve had with friends without having to do too much research or compiling. So join me as I recap the camping weekend in Copake, NY that I had with some of my girl friends in June!

Copake is located just over the Massachusetts border near the Catskill mountains so it’s easy to get to from Western Mass where a few of us live. We had good weather and it was the perfect combination of fun, activity, drinks and relaxation.

2019 Round Up & 2020 Outlook

Well hello there! Welcome back to my blog! I’ve been struggling to find the motivation with this blog this year for several reasons but figured what better way to jump back into it than by doing one big 2019 round up of my year. From here, I’d like to get back on a biweekly schedule …

Airbnb Serendipity: Finger Lakes Region

So travel isn’t all smooth sailing, relaxation and pretty Instagram photos, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan at all. Now the story I’m about to tell you isn’t quite an “Airbnb horror story” (though according to my mother it is)… it’s more of a story of everything happens for a reason. All Planned Out …

Iceland Itinerary: The Uncommon Route

Hey friends! I’m back! Life got weird, and I needed to take a step back from KristinInMotion for a moment. But a trip to Iceland and a media detox later, I’m rejuvenated, re-inspired, and ready to get back into it. First on the docket: Iceland Itinerary Guide! So when most people think of Iceland, they …

Gift Guide for the Adventurer in your Life

  The season of gift giving is upon us! But what if the person you are buying for would rather plane tickets than clothes under the tree? As much as we would love to gift someone plane tickets, lord knows that’s not in the budget! So here are a list of suggestions to help make …

Explore Your Own Backyard: A Guide to Local Adventure

Many people, myself included, get caught up thinking that to travel you need to leave the country or go some extravagant new place. When you are stuck with a limited amount of money and vacation days like I am, this isn’t always possible. But have you ever stopped to view the area around you through …