Are you in need of an adventure to jumpstart your soul after the tough 2020 year? Are you too busy trying to survive your job and home life to find a single minute free to plan a trip?

Sick of going to the same destination or vacation home year? Lost confidence in the cruise industry but still want the experience of exploring new destinations every day?

Ever been inspired by movies or social media to plan a road trip or a big multi-destination adventure but don’t even know where to start?

Don’t let any of those things hold you back from planning a trip.

InMotion Adventures provides curated trip planning and itineraries based on your ideas and interests. We can save you the time planning, researching, and booking so you can just sit back and enjoy your trip!

Don’t let another tomorrow pass you by.

Start living life InMotion.

Interested in learning what InMotion Adventures can do for you? Click on the link below for a survey that will help give me an idea of of your travel style so that I can help you to start planning your personalized trip! Fill in as much or as little information as you like!

What is Your Travel Style?

Tent & RV Camping

Love time in the great outdoors? We specialize in campsite research and boondocking options.

Airbnb & Glamping

Looking for a home away from home? We’ll find options that’ll meet your comfort & location criteria.

Standard Lodging

Used to the comfort and luxury of hotels and resorts? We’ll find and book you hotels as you move from town to town.

Pricing Tiers



Standard travel agent services. Research and booking various services, no extra money out of your pocket!

Examples include:

  • All-Inclusive Resorts
  • Cruises (Large Ship, Sailing, River, etc.)
  • Escorted Tours (Bus Tours, Safaris, etc.)
  • Rail Travel
  • Rental Cars & Transfer Services
  • Vacation Packages (Hotel/Flights/Car)
  • Excursions & Tours
  • Disney & Universal
  • Travel Insurance

$190 Flat Fee

Comprehensive PDF Trip Guide: A resource to help you DIY your own trip. Completely unique to you based on your travel style!

Examples Include:

  • Accommodation or campground suggestions.
  • Events happening in the area.
  • A la carte suggestions for eateries, nightlife, vineyards, breweries, etc.
  • Things to do based on your interests.
  • Pricing and Hours for Museums/Tours
  • Rental Companies (Bikes, kayaks, etc.)
  • Off the beaten path ideas
  • Kid-friendly options.
  • Option for pocket-sized guide available.

$100/Travel Day

In-depth trip itinerary designed specifically for you and your travel companions. Just relax and show up! Let us do the planning.

Examples Include:

  • Hour-by-hour Itinerary to follow. No planning on your end.
  • Restaurants, nightlife, breweries, vineyards, etc.
  • Accommodation/campground research and booking.
  • Daily activities: Tours, cultural experiences, hiking paths, rental companies.
  • Route and driving instructions.
  • Surprise Itinerary option available!

Not sure what the right option is for you? Let’s jump on a free call and discuss! Fill out the survey below so I can get an idea of your travel style and then select “Yes” for the call at the end! Look forward to chatting with you!

Check out what clients say…

“Kristin was pivotal in helping our family plan our very first RV adventure, and at the early height of the pandemic so it was no small feat. She found and mapped us multiple route options based on campgrounds and venues that were allowing guests but also following the latest safety guidelines for Covid-19. The result was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that our family will treasure forever.”

-Sarah Byrd-LoFrese

“Kristin was a huge help when planning a camping trip for me and my boyfriend. Finding a campground with all the amenities we both wanted was posing a bit of a challenge. Not only did Kristin find us the PERFECT campground, but she found us three options! She provided a clear concise table outlining the pros and cons of each. It made it incredibly easy for us to make a decision without any hesitation.”

– Brianna Hoyle

“Thank you to Kristin at InMotion Adventures for the trip of a life time! It was no small task to organize a vacation for a group of 14 adults across 4 families. We all had different interests and goals for our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, and Kristin planned the time perfectly. We took advantage of everything we wanted and more! Let Kristin take the stress of trip-planning and give you the most out of your hard-earned vacation!”

-Alycia Rackliffe

“Kristin is simply the best! Any time I book a trip with her is an absolute win. Not only does she give you the good “touristy” places to see and things to do, but she goes above and beyond and makes sure to always include those hidden gems that would likely be missed otherwise. She is super easy to work with and is great at tailoring your vacation to what YOU want. If you want an adventure, she’s your girl!”

-Isabela Velasquez