2020 Round Up & 2021 Outlook

It’s almost over my friends. 2020 is finally on it’s way out, and I like many genuinely believe 2021 will just be better all around! I do recap posts every year and I was wondering if it’d be worth doing one for this year but when I looked back, I realized that I still made the best of this year! Sooo without further ado, here’s my 2020 Round Up.

The Pre-Pandemic Days

We kicked off 2020 with a hell of a Roarin’ 20s new years party with all our friends! Then we filled our January and February with winter hikes, learning to ski at the small mountain near our home and day trips out to the Berkshires.

The first big weekend trip of the year was up to Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York. This was my first experience up in the Adirondacks and I was not disappointed! We had won ski lift passes at a travel show the previous year, so my friend Cherie, my brother Justin and his girlfriend Alex all drove up and experienced fresh powder on an Olympic ski mountain!

White face mountain, lake placid, new york

While we were in the area we also explored the High Falls Gorge which was STUNNING with all the snow and ice, and walked around the town of Lake Placid for some food and shopping. It was the perfect little winter trip despite the brutal snow storm we drove up in!

high falls gorge, adirondacks, new york

Pandemic Summer

Like many, I didn’t do much of anything the first few months of 2020 due to Covid. We sat inside, kept to ourselves, hiked, went for walks as necessary and just existed. We also decided to take on fostering dogs since our dogsitting business had dried up but then proved to be more challenging than we had hoped. Our foster dog had some serious anxieties and triggers but in the end he found a happy new family.

Once summer came around, we expanded our bubbles to include close friends and ventured out a bit. In June I traveled up to Shaftsbury, Vermont with my friends Cherie and Brianna. We had this trip planned for a while and luckily, despite the Covid restrictions, the Airbnb owner still let us stay at his beautiful little tiny home. We had nothing planned this trip other than to just cook, eat, drink and read books. It was exactly what we all needed to decompress after the stressful spring.

Airbnb, shaftsbury, vermont

Come July, we had absolutely no success trying to find a campground for the holiday weekend. One of the unanticipated effects of Covid in 2020 was the increase in families going camping. Without normal travel, people flocked to the woods and booked up all the campgrounds! Thanks to my friend Jamie, she was able to sneak us in to the last open campsite at her family campground. This was such a nice getaway since it brought me back to my childhood summers spending time there with my friend’s family. They welcomed us in as family and we got just the right amount of sun, relaxation and ice cream as we needed!

cape cod, massachusetts

Later in the summer, we began the big push with our house remodel. We tore up the upstairs bathroom and completely renovated it and began tieing up a lot of the lose ends from the first round of our reno.

August brought us another camping trip, and our last opportunity to take the pop-up Scamp out before putting her up for sale. Kyle had a dirt bike race up in Maine so we spent the night there and fell asleep to the sound of fireworks and dirt bike motors running all night. Not your typical camping trip but in a year like this, we’ll take any opportunity to get out that we can get.

The last fun adventure we went on this summer took me back up to Vermont, but this time with my extended family. We found a rental home in the Okemo area and did nothing but eat, hike and explore. Going to a ski mountain area in the off season was the perfect way to get away without putting ourselves at risk. We had surprisingly good weather and were able to spend as much time outside as possible.

One of the highlights of that trip was the Mountain Coaster on Okemo Mountain! It was fast, and we basically had it to ourselves! Perfect socially distanced activity.

The Big Fall Push

September ushered in a season of big changes for us! We were full speed ahead on the house reno, trying to get it ready to sell and we bought our new-to-us camper! We definitely wouldn’t have been able to crush these goals if it wasn’t for the 2020 lockdown.

Roo is a 28′ tow behind toy hauler that will be accompanying us on some grand adventures! We were able to take her up for her first big adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for one of Kyle’s dirt bike races and got to test out all the systems and quirks.

When we weren’t at dirtbike races or working, we were spending every waking minute of our lives trying to finish up the house. With the help of my parents, we added the finishing touches on, got the house all staged, had our realtor photograph the house by Sunday and listed on Monday the 21st! Less than a week later, we had multiple offers over asking, and made our decision by the following Monday morning. The rest of the month and into October was spent tying up loose ends, packing and selling everything we own.

Near the end of October, I got to go on one more weekend getaway to Vermont with my friends Cherie, Brianna and Lindsey. With nothing planned, and minimal options for places to go, we had a nice relaxing weekend together before I hit the road for a while!

Once we closed on the house, we moved in with my parents for the month and I spent the few weekends trying to see as many of my friends as possible, whether it was outside with fires, at a “drive-in concert” at a brewery and friendsgiving gatherings. Trying to be as mindful of covid as possible while still catching up with friends.

After a small Thanksgiving with family, we hit the road on Black Friday with Roo and my cousin Alycia! If you missed it, I wrote about our big roadtrip down the East Coast in my previous blog post! We wandered through Virginia, down the mountains into North Carolina, across to South Carolina and Georgia coast and finished up the trip on the east coast of Florida.

St. Augustine beach, florida

We arrived in Clearwater, Florida at the beginning of December and will be here until Spring. Beyond gracious to have Kyle’s mom and step-dad hosting us until then so we can explore Florida as much as possible while working and saving up money! Also it’s not a bad way to finish up 2020!

2021 Outlook

In previous years, I’ve had a much better idea of what upcoming year held for us but 2021 we’ll be playing much more by ear.

What I have planned so far:

  • A weekend camping trip to Lakeland, Florida to visit with Kyle’s old friend from high school.
  • A 4 night camping trip to Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park! Gotta check those National Parks off the list!
  • Spending a weekend with some of my friends who are coming to visit on the beautiful beaches on the gulf coast!
  • Kayaking in the Weeki Wachee area.
  • Hopefully showing my parents around our new stomping grounds (if they ever book anything!)
  • Venturing to the Daytona area for a motocross race (if spectators are allowed)
  • And last but not least: Camping in Ginnie Springs and hitting up the Gator Nationals drag races.

Beyond that, the sky is the limit! We’ll see where the universe takes us!

Good vibes for 2021 my friends. Let me know if you have anything fun planned in the comments below! Until next time…

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My new blog post went out this morning and I totally forgot to share! Switching it up to a Wednesday post schedule so that I can keep my newsletters consistent on Sunday and not inundate anyones inboxes! Without further ado…
This boondocking spot outside of the Badlands was one of the things I was looking forward to most about this trip! I had seen it a dozen times across other full-time RVers IGs and Facebook and I made sure we made it a priority to get there nice and early to get a good spot. It did NOT disappoint. We had a decently level spot looking out over the wicked landscape and got to sit out watching antelope grazing on the cliffs. The second night was a bit windy but I will definitely look back on our experiences here fondly. Nice and close to the park entrance, easy to find, not terribly hard to drive down and FREE. Done and done.
We did NOT expect to like Kansas City as much as we did! We knew we were going to eat some damn good BBQ but we fully enjoyed exploring the city as well. The different neighborhoods each had something unique to offer and the cost of living was actually manageable from what we could tell with a quick zillow search. I could imagine spending a good few years there without running out of new things to explore! AND everyone we met was just so damn nice! Well done KC.
Our first stop after Nashville was Kansas City, MO. We loved the little campground we stayed in outside of the city. Our site was a little unlevel but we made it work. And the sunrises from both the campsite and the boat dock near by were perfect. We were able to ride our bikes down to the boat dock one morning and then went back to the same spot to go fishing the next morning. Lucky Kyle caught a fish on his first cast! Bodes well for the trip. 🤘
Did you know there's more to Nashville than Bachelorette parties and bars? 🤣 Im kidding, kind of! We had the opportunity to check out both the Grand Ole Opry and rhe Coutry Music Hall of Fame while we were in Nash this past weekend. I think they're both worth the visit especially if you're a country music fan! It was Kyle's first time and he grew up listening to all the old school country music so he loved every minute of it! The Opry especially just does it right, start to finish.