The Airbnb Spectrum – NOLA Edition

I would just like to disclaimer this by saying I’ve been so lucky to have great experiences with all the places I’ve stayed on Airbnb. Some you get what you paid for, others go above and beyond, and the two Airbnbs we chose in New Orleans proved just that.

Cheap is not always the best route…

Traveling with a large group of girls is not always easy to coordinate or find accommodations large enough. However when we stumbled upon this Airbnb, we thought it was perfect. Slept 4 people in beds, and had room for one on a couch… and only for $79 a night! Split between 5 people for 3 nights, that’s a steal.

The pictures looked great, the location was prime, the price was great and it had everything we needed! Then we arrived…

New Orleans Airbnb

We climbed the rickety metal stairs up to the second floor and upon opening the door we’re greeted by the wonderful smell of cat pee. There was a moment of confusion before we raced around to open up windows to try to air it out. Our other two friends had arrived the night before us and came back to the Airbnb shortly after us to confirm that we weren’t imaging that smell.

New Orleans Airbnb

We tried to settle in and found unappealing old sheets and blankets. Not an ideal amount of pillows, ratty old towels and a lack of typical amenities. The rooms were also FREEZING and I struggled to stay warm throughout the night. And the whole apartment in GENERAL needed some maintenance.

New Orleans Airbnb

Though the space was generally clean, it made us feel uneasy, especially after the appearance of a cockroach in the bathroom. (In hindsight, this was our fault for leaving a window open.)

The icing on the cake was the day after we changed Airbnbs and logged on to write the review, only to see that they CLEARLY posted images of a different apartment in the building that was much more updated and renovated. It wasn’t different enough to notice while we were there, but left a bad taste in our mouths about the Host.

New Orleans AIrbnb
The host’s beautiful photo they posted online!

Don’t always trust what you see online!

The Glorious Airbnb to Follow

As the Uber driver transported us to our new Airbnb, we drove into a less than ideal looking neighborhood and my nerves peaked about what we were getting ourselves into. Upon entering our new Airbnb though, all our worries went out the door.

New Orleans Airbnb

The apartment was comfortable, convenient and just plain huge! Each of us got our own bedroom with a queen size bed and a nice pile of new, clean, fluffy towels. The bathroom was filled with amenities, that indicated that the host was clearly part of the hospitality industry at one point or another.

New Orleans Airbnb

And the best part? And endless amount of mirrors! Having 5 females fight over 1 mirror at the last Airbnb was a nightmare.

By the end of our trip, we were becoming tired and found ourselves being drawn to just sit in the Airbnb and relax! That’s how you know a host has done a good job making you feel at home!

New Orleans Airbnb

In the grand scheme of things, our first experience wasn’t horrible, but definitely fell low on the spectrum. But having an experience like the first really made us appreciate the little things in the second place. Thoughtful decisions go a long way in the Airbnb world! ‘

Have you ever had a less than ideal Airbnb experience? Tell me about it in the comments below! And until next time…

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