2018 Round Up & 2019 Outlook!

Tis’ the season for reflecting on the past year and creating action lists for the new year to come! 2018 was a year for the record books. It had major ups and downs but overall it was still filled to the brim with love, adventure and happiness. Here’s my round up of everything that happened in 2018!

Winter 2018

Kicked off the year with a mom and daughter trip to New Haven to see Shaping Sounds with my college roomie! Didn’t have any time to explore the city but did stumble on a delicious fast-casual Greek shop!

In February, Brianna and I planned a winter getaway trip to the Wine Region of the Finger lakes! We had a bit of an Airbnb disaster that ended up working to our advantage as we stayed with the nicest people and they pointed us to the best wineries and a beautiful hiking spot to a waterfall!

If you’d like to read more about our experience in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY, click here!

Taughannock Falls, Cayuga Lake

For cold and dark winter months, we typically like to fill our weekends with as many concerts and brewery trips as possible! This year we saw, Mo Lowda and the Humble and Penniless Wild, (highly recommend both!) and ventured up to the breweries of Easthampton after a failed hiking trip attempt.

The highlight of the winter was my trip to Iceland with my boyfriend Kyle! We spontaneously planned this after scoring some cheap flights and had a good time driving around the country in our poor excuse for a smart car and eating gas station hot dogs to save money! Iceland was STUNNING and totally out of this world, and we loved every minute of it.

(Check out my recap of the trip, and the route we took HERE.)

godafoss iceland

Spring 2018

After our trip to Iceland, we stayed on the down-low for a while. Our weekends were filled with Kyle’s dirt bike races and and micro-adventures around our own area. I found a new love for exploring local places and seeing these small New England towns from the eyes of a local. And I learned the pure joy that comes from playing hooky and planning a spontaneous day trip!

We then kicked off the summer with some great crossfit parties and BBQs. What better way to bring on the best season of the year!

Summer 2018

Our summer started off by taking a weekend trip up to Burlington, VT. We drank lots of beer, ate lots of food and even fit in a hike or two! The plan was to ride our bikes everywhere from our Airbnb but we quickly realized that Burlington was much hillier than we anticipated so we scrapped that pretty quick.

Pro Tip: There are a million things to do in Burlington! Check out my guide to the beer scene or if craft beer isn’t your thing, here’s my guide to exploring the beautiful Lake Champlain area!

lake champlain burlington vt

Our next adventure took my group of friend’s out to Mansfield, Ma for the Chris Stapleton concert! Despite the BRUTAL heat, we had an amazing time and I will forever say he is the best to see live! We then stayed at my friend’s house in Rhode Island and treated ourselves to a day by the pool!

This summer I had my first experience at Tanglewood Music Center! My parents love to go but I’ve never attended before. Thank god my first time was with them because they know exactly what to bring and where to sit to have the best time possible! We even survived a pop-up thunderstorm which cleared out some of the crowd for the rest of the show!

Pro Tip: Don’t go in blind! Check out my post on how to do an Evening at Tanglewood right here!

At the end of summer, my parents and I planned a long weekend trip up to the Finger lakes since I had spoken so highly about it the first time! We decided to stay on the Seneca Lake side rather than the Cayuga Lake side and explored a whole new batch of wineries and breweries that Brianna and I weren’t able to get to. We even got up early and hiked Watkins Glen, from the top down!

Pro Tip: I highly recommend doing Watkins Glen backwards if you’re not in great shape or want to avoid the slow moving crowds! Its a good way to survive the 800 stairs!

The rest of the summer was spent kicking off our house hunting plans! We got with a realtor and spent some time looking around at places in town! Exciting times!

Fall 2018

Fall this year went a little haywire. I had a series of unfortunate events overshadow my life at that time and had to take a step back from my blog, social media and adventures. But I did find a new love for meditation and yoga! It truly kept me sane.

Another thing that helped keep me sane was a weekly hiking date with my friend Cherie! We spent a lot of our time going up and down the New England Trail (NET) and exploring a new path every time! Not only was the time spent in nature therapeutic for both of us but it helped me feel like I was still getting my adventure fix!

Pro Tip: You’d be surprised what kind of adventures you can find right in your back yard. Read about it here!

new england trail hiking

Amidst the chaos, we decided to buy a bit of a fixer upper house and had to jump through hoops to get that all settled. This time was extremely stressful for me and I struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a while there.

So naturally, at the peak of all the chaos, I planned a trip to North Carolina with my cousins for something to look forward to! It ended up falling on the absolute worst week possible and I missed the closing to our new house and left my poor coworkers to deal with hell at work without me there. On the bright side, the North Carolina trip was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself!

In North Carolina, we spent a few days exploring Charlotte, then hopped in a car and drove out to Asheville, driving up to the peak of Mt. Mitchell along the way! The scenery was beautiful and we had a fantastic time despite our bad luck with weather!

Pro Tip: If you find yourself in Charlotte, check out my guide for how to spend a day there!

charlotte, nc

Meanwhile, Kyle and I had moved into my parents home for a month while we got the house to livable condition. Like I said: chaos. We finally got to move into the house the first week of December and I almost immediately turned around and jet-setted off again, this time to Nashville, partly for work, and partly for play!

The first couple days were spent at our client’s headquarters for their construction summit. Then after our meetings finished up on the final day, I hopped in a Lyft and headed to Winners Bar & Grille in the Gulch area of Nashville. I got there early to get some dinner then the crowd piled in for their free Whiskey Jam show that happens every Monday and Thursday. Nothing better than some up and coming country artists playing their hearts out!

I spent my last day in Nashville touring the Bell Meade Plantation and doing their wine tasting, then hitching a ride over to Gaylord Opryland Resort where I wandered around enjoying their beautiful Christmas light displays and eating and drinking the evening away. A bit touristy but worth a visit!

The rest of 2018 was spent working on the house, and celebrating the holidays with family! Not the best year ever but sure as hell was a good one!!

2019 Action List

2019 is going to be the year of momentum for me. I want to focus on forward motion in all areas of my life this year and I’m feeling good about it. I have compiled a list of places to go, things to do, areas to focus on and general bucket list ideas:

  • Get back into crossfit, 3-4 days a week while maintaining my yoga practice.
  • Finally biting the bullet on hypnosis for weight loss. Ready for some change.
  • Burlington, VT trip in January for my birthday!
  • Going hard on the house this winter so we’ll be ready for the housewarming party in Spring!
  • Mardi Gras New Orleans trip in March!
  • Make moves on my travel consultant side hustle.
  • Weekend adventure exploring New England.
  • Posting on my blog every 1-2 weeks.
  • Catching up on editing GoPro videos hopefully on a computer that works!
  • Hiking regularly, even if it’s only short after-work trips!
  • Meditating and journaling daily.
  • Getting my money and budgeting locked down.
  • 7 hours of sleep a night! Less late night Netflix!
  • Plan some sort of an early-September cousin hiking trip.
  • Australia / New Zealand trip at Christmas and New Years time!

I’m excited for what this year is going to bring! I feel ready to conquer anything, ready to learn, ready to move, ready to live!

Tell me about your goals for 2019! I would love to hear what everyone’s focus is for the new year. Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!


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This boondocking spot outside of the Badlands was one of the things I was looking forward to most about this trip! I had seen it a dozen times across other full-time RVers IGs and Facebook and I made sure we made it a priority to get there nice and early to get a good spot. It did NOT disappoint. We had a decently level spot looking out over the wicked landscape and got to sit out watching antelope grazing on the cliffs. The second night was a bit windy but I will definitely look back on our experiences here fondly. Nice and close to the park entrance, easy to find, not terribly hard to drive down and FREE. Done and done.
We did NOT expect to like Kansas City as much as we did! We knew we were going to eat some damn good BBQ but we fully enjoyed exploring the city as well. The different neighborhoods each had something unique to offer and the cost of living was actually manageable from what we could tell with a quick zillow search. I could imagine spending a good few years there without running out of new things to explore! AND everyone we met was just so damn nice! Well done KC.
Our first stop after Nashville was Kansas City, MO. We loved the little campground we stayed in outside of the city. Our site was a little unlevel but we made it work. And the sunrises from both the campsite and the boat dock near by were perfect. We were able to ride our bikes down to the boat dock one morning and then went back to the same spot to go fishing the next morning. Lucky Kyle caught a fish on his first cast! Bodes well for the trip. 🤘
Did you know there's more to Nashville than Bachelorette parties and bars? 🤣 Im kidding, kind of! We had the opportunity to check out both the Grand Ole Opry and rhe Coutry Music Hall of Fame while we were in Nash this past weekend. I think they're both worth the visit especially if you're a country music fan! It was Kyle's first time and he grew up listening to all the old school country music so he loved every minute of it! The Opry especially just does it right, start to finish.