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Yellowstone National Park – 2022

I originally had planned this post to be a "48 hours in Yellowstone" post for people who are only able to visit for a short period of time, but in lieu of the recent floods and closures, I figured I can revamp this post to share about all the things you can still do even with the closures.

Where have I been? June Life Update!

WOW it's been a while since I posted. My last post was in the beginning of February and even that was kind of a half-assed post! So figured it was about time for a life update post about where we've been, where we are now and what we have in store!

A Five “Star” Caribbean Experience

In January 2022, the team traveled to Barbados to do a week on board the Royal Clipper sailing ship. Despite difficulties of travel during a pandemic, the trip was well worth it. Listen to our new podcast episode as we discuss all things Start Clippers and Barbados!

Grand Teton Hikes: String Lake Loop

Grand Teton National Park has a large variety of hikes that you can do for any experience level. We stayed in the area for a little under a week so we got a chance to explore a few different hike options. String Lake Loop was one that we did on our third day in the park just as a short option to get moving.