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I never took the opportunity to study abroad in college so by the time I realized I had an undying love for travel, I was already stuck in a 9-5 career with limited vacation time. I grew up with parents who both were self-employed so we took our one week vacation a year and that was it. As I got older I realized that didn’t have to be it. Every weekend is an opportunity to adventure, every day free is an opportunity for a day trip to explore a new place, and I quickly found out that these adventures didn’t have to be lavish to be enjoyable.

My job became stagnant and monotonous, which for a creative type, might as well be a jail sentence. In an effort to keep my creativity alive, I started a blog to share my adventures. Friends and family loved reading, but after a while I started to gain readers from other sources as well. The more I adventured and shared, the more I started to realize that that was the style of travel that I preferred. I loved exploring off the beaten path locations, road trips, and multi-destination trips. I was used to the cruises, weeks in the Caribbean, and beach condos in the south, but as nice as it is to sit on a beach for a week, its way more exciting to travel around Iceland, staying in a different spot every night.

As I was pouring over guidebooks and blog posts in Iceland, I realized that this was a skill that I could share with the world. Many hardworking Americans would love to go on adventurous trips but either don’t know where to start, or don’t have the TIME to plan. The passion and energy I have to create itineraries for trips like this could relieve people of so much time and stress, so that they could take these trips of a lifetime and enjoy every last minute of it. Life is too short to sit in your cubicle and wait for retirement to explore the beautiful Earth.

Travel Planner

Besides running InMotion Adventures, I also work on the Traveler Happiness Team with Upaway app (app launching July 2022!) supporting travelers through their trip chaos so they don’t have to!

Writer & Blogger

KristinInMotion has been around since 2017. I’ve been a blogger and writer ever since. Besides blogging, I’ve also been published in several different magazines (online and print.)

Full-time Nomad

In 2020, we sold our house, quit our jobs, bought a camper and hit off on a road trip across America. Since I work online, we move around based on Kyle’s jobs, exploring as we go!

Photos from my Travels…

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I’m 25% Italian but you’d never know by my lack of tanning abilities. I got most of looks from my Irish and Norwegian sides.

  • I’m a die-hard Patriots fan. Nothing you can say will change my mind. Not even Brady leaving us….

  • I grew up a competitive dancer but have converted to a yogi now. Keeping myself flexible and grounded!

  • I’m a recovered picky eater. I literally woke up one day and decided I wasn’t going to be one anymore. Now there is very little that I won’t try or enjoy.

  • I am a wicked book nerd. I carry my Kindle with me everywhere and look forward to my commutes with Audible.

  • I hate scary movies. Don’t make me watch them, I’ll hold it against you in our friendship.

  • I do not drink coffee, and I never plan on starting! Weird right? You can never go wrong with a good cup of tea though!
  • I love a ice cold glass of Jameson on the rocks, but my comfort zone will always be a glass of red wine. Went through the craft beer phase but now only venture into beer while traveling. Trying out new breweries is still one of my favorite past times.

  • Grew up loving rock music, and went through a wicked emo music phase. I now love anything from country to folk, to even some Beyonce.

  • Android over iPhone forever.

  • I’m a chocoholic. This I will never recover from.

  • I collect pins from my travels and every ticket stub from anything ever since I was about 10 years old.

  • I wish I loved museums but it’s not usually on the top of my to-do list when I travel.

  • I thought I wanted to travel around to cities across the planet, but it wasn’t until my trip to Iceland a few years back where I realized my absolute love for off-the-beaten path and nature focused travel.

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