Travel Misadventures: Story #1

I like to post a lot of helpful, informative posts but every once in a while, I’ll throw in a post for mere-story telling. This is one of them. When we look at Instagram, it looks like full-time travel is nothing but beautiful scenery and happiness. But I am here to tell you that it’s not all glamorous all the time! Travel mishaps and misadventures happen.

So how did this start?

When we sold our house a year ago, the first thing we bought with our profits was our perfect-to-us camper, Roo. It has a toy-hauler in the front, a queen bed that pulls out the back and ample living space to support us full-time. We renovated her on a dime, and hit the road, thrilled with our new home.

Just two weeks into the trip, our poor Roo got slow-motion hit in a Wyoming gas station. We had pulled in to the business next to the gas station and were patiently waiting for a truck to pull out so we could pull ahead. The aforementioned truck then backed up so that we could cross in front of him to get to the pumps. We waved to him as we passed and then, CRUNCH.

What the Hell Happened!?

Well, for whatever reason, the man who backed up to let us through then rolled forward and caught the front driver side corner of our camper with his cattle guard. It also dragged the side and ripped off the vent into our toy hauler.

This old man with his cowboy hat get out and immediately started blaming us so we called the sheriff and began our claims. I’ll save the details for the insurance companies but basically there is no way that we were at fault. Luckily for us, a witness stopped by saying that they saw him roll into us and gave us his number for future use.

And How Does that Make you Feel?

Not feeling great. This was our home. We had sold everything to buy Roo and we had just begun this journey of a lifetime, and now only two weeks in and she’s got holes in her! We knew we’d have some misadventures but didn’t think it’d be this soon into our trip. It basically felt like someone had crashed a car through the living room of our house. As expected, I burst into tears upon inspecting the damage. It is common knowledge that water damage is a camper’s worst enemy and now we were wide open to the elements.

We also had family flying in in two weeks that were planning on staying with us in the camper so the timing of this misadventure was the actual worst. So much was running through my head and we really had no idea what the proper steps were that we needed to take.

So What’d You Do Next?

We wiped our tears, filled up our gas tank as planned, and drove over to the hardware store conveniently located next door. Kyle a nice big roll of duct tape and went to town on the corner of the camper and the hole left behind by the vent. The goal at that time was just to make it water and air tight so that we could make it at least a couple weeks before hopefully finding a more permanent solution.

Since then we’ve gone back and forth with both insurances a billion times and got a “virtual” quote from someone looking at our photos, but nothing can really be done until we get someone to look at it. After the week with our family, we called a thousand places and quickly learned that it’d be impossible for us to get a proper quote without ripping the camper apart AND most places were booking at least a month out, if not more.

So where does it stand now?

Purgatory. We are in claim purgatory. We will need to find someone to take a look at it once we are stationary for the winter and there’s a good chance that the damages will cost more than the camper is insured for. If that’s the case, they will total the camper, pay us out the amount we have it insured for and then we will need to patch her up ourselves and get a salvage title. Since we’ll be living in California for the winter, we’ll need to get the salvage title through California instead of Massachusetts or Florida. Should be an interesting adventure.

The goal is to find someone who will inspect it without needing to rip it apart to see the full damage. Wish us luck to see how that goes! But yes, our Instagram photos of beautiful campsites, sunrise views and quiet forest come with a side of duct tape and misadventures. We’ll make it work, we always do.

Have you had any travel misadventures? Please share in the comments below so we can wallow in self-pity together! Want help planning your own adventure that you’ll hopefully have better luck with than we did? Check out InMotion Adventures to find out what I can do for you! Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

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