Iceland 2018 Nostalgia

Back in 2018, I was beyond excited to test out my new GoPro 5 for our big Iceland trip. Little did I know, that the file sizes were going to be too large for my computer to handle when I came home. I tried repeatedly to edit the footage only to have it crash on me over and over again and eventually just gave up.

It’s pained me to know I’ve had some of this footage just sitting on a drive not being shared all these years. Recently I was forced to upgrade my laptop and I made sure to do all the research to find one with the specs to handle video editing! So without further ado, here is my video from Iceland 2018! FINALLY!

Memories from Iceland

Rewatching all this footage so many years later really made me nostalgic for this trip. This was early in my relationship with Kyle and quite frankly changed everything for us. It had been his first time leaving the country and my first time doing an independent road trip the way we had.

Prior to that trip I thought I had wanted to travel around to all the biggest cities in the world, and that trip made me realize that I MUCH preferred being out in the country and away from the main crowds and tourism. We saw so much beauty and met some many wonderful people that this trip will live in my memory as one of my favorite trips of all time.

Iceland Road Trip: Uncommon Route

You’ll see in the video scenes from all over the country. After landing, we started our journey by heading east along the southern coast towards Vik. We stopped at some of the most popular waterfalls and even hiked a glacier, all after getting little to no sleep on the plane overnight.

From there we carved back through the interior of the country and hit the Golden Circle from east, going counter-clockwise. Though these attractions were overshadowed in our memory by the rest of the trip, these videos remind me of the beauty and reason for their popularity.

After the Golden Circle, we started our journey North, stopping to spend time doing a tour into a Glacier which I don’t have much good footage from but still stands out in my mind as one of our favorites.

Some of our favorite moments came from up North around Akyreyri. The waterfalls, geothermal fields, the stunning scenery of the drives and the friends made all helped to make this an absolute highlight of the adventure. I sadly tapered off with my capturing of footage as we went along so video memories are sparse but seeing some of these views brought me right back.

(Hey, I didn’t claim to be a professional videographer!)

The route took us back down Western Iceland and around the Snaefellsnes peninsula where we battled snow in a glorified smart car and I have literally no videos to show from that portion of the trip. But the memories are strong!

We completely our road trip back in Reykjavik where I put the GoPro away and just enjoyed the remainder of our time with the help of the camera phone. If you’d like to read back to some of my blog posts from Iceland at the time I’ll link them here.

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Thank you for traveling down memory lane with me and hope this inspires you to plan a trip to Iceland of your own. If you need help planning your own road trip, check out InMotion Adventures to see how I can help! Road trips are my specialty! Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

Scenes from our road trip around Iceland in 2018. Travel inspiration for Iceland.

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