Adventure Diary: Copake Camping Weekend

I love a good old-fashioned adventure diary post! Sometimes it’s nice to just share an adventure that I’ve had with friends without having to do too much research or compiling. So join me as I recap the camping weekend in Copake, NY that I had with some of my girl friends in June!

Copake is located just over the Massachusetts border near the Catskill mountains so it’s easy to get to from Western Mass where a few of us live. We had good weather and it was the perfect combination of fun, activity, drinks and relaxation.

Arriving to Copake Camping Resort

This weekend was made possible by one of my friend’s wonderful husband, so shout out to Mark! He offered to drive the camper out, set it up and then leave us to enjoy our girls weekend. The campground was one that they frequent and have many friends at so he was no stranger to the drive. They had the campsite all set up for us by the time the rest of us arrived!

Myself and my two girlfriends cut our work days short and drove out to the campsite in time to settle and enjoy some delicious dinner and drinks. One of my favorite parts of a camping weekend is sitting and decompressing with good friends, just taking in the fresh air.

Sunset Hike

One of the families that stays at the campground for the entire summer offered to take us on a sunset hike. The hike was located in Taconic State Park and appropriately named Sunset Rock Area. The trail took us winding through some narrow paths and under low arching birch trees which created quite the little scenic trail!

Sunset Rock Area, Taconic State Park

We arrived at the end just in time for sunset and cracked open a few seltzers to enjoy the view. The sunset rock looked over the Catskills Mountains and the valley below. The trail was only a mile long out and back so it’s a perfect easy jaunt with a nice view at the end if you ever find yourself in the area.

Sunset Rock Area, Taconic State Park

Once we arrived back to the campsite, like any good camping weekend, we filled the rest of the evening with drinks, laughs, fires and new and old friends.

Slow Morning Start

Saturday morning started off a bit slow due to some rain passing through the area. There’s nothing better on a morning during a camping weekend than enjoying the rain from under an awning with a good book. Once the rain let up, we cooked some breakfast and hit the road to head to the local farmer’s market.

Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market

Apparently the Copake Hillsdale Farmer’s Market is kind of a big deal around there! There was a good variety of vendors, tons of people and options for hot food to eat right there as well. You could find anything ranging from vegetables, bakeries, cheeses, meat, alcohol, jams and specialty items. The website for the Farmer’s Market also shows live music in the most recent weeks even though there wasn’t a band while we were there.

Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market

The best part of the market was definitely the FRESH dumpling stand. We all snagged some and took them to go to enjoy back at the campsite.

Afternoon Adventures

Back at the campsite we had some delicious charcuterie for lunch and some apple moonshine dipped apple cider donuts for good measure. Once we were able to regroup, we ventured a few towns away from Copake to go check out a nearby distillery. Hudson Valley Distillers ended up being the perfect spot for us. The barn style interior had plenty of seating so we could pull a couple tables together and do a liquor tasting. They had a combination of vodkas, gins and whiskeys so there was something for everyone.

Hudson Valley Distillers

After that, we each grabbed a cocktail of our choice and ventured outside to get some sunshine. The weather ended up being beautiful which was nice after a slightly rainy morning. The cocktails and scenery also made it a pleasant experience! It seemed like there was a decent amount of groups there visiting but everyone was super spread out which was nice.

Hudson Valley Distillers

Camping Weekend Shenanigans

The distillery just kicked off an entire evening full of shenanigans. For the most part, its a blur for me but I CLEARLY remember how much we laughed and had a great time.

The evening consisted of dinner, live music, golf cart rides around the park, campfires, UFC fights, touring some strangers’ boujee camper, laughing until we cried, and staying up WAY past our bedtime.

Final Day of Exploring the Copake Area

After a VERY slow start to the morning, we got ourselves together and ventured over to Bash Bish Falls for a little hike and some nature therapy. The hike starts in Taconic State Park in New York and ends in Bash Bish Falls State Park in Massachusetts. The hike was short and sweet with a beautiful waterfall at the end but unfortunately it was overshadowed by the off-limits areas and police presence due to irresponsible park go-ers last summer. I wrote a whole blog post about our experience with this, so if you missed it, you can check it out here. PSA to Humans: Be Better.

Bash Bish Falls

After we left the Bash Bish area, we took a quick detour to the Copake Iron Works Historic Area which is a fascinating little spot. The ironworks dates back to the mid-1800s but several features of this historic site still stand today including the blast furnace and several buildings. You can tour a small museum that has a miniature model of the area, photos and tons of iron tools collected from around the property. You also can walk down along the water and find slag rocks which are a beautiful blue color! Signs request that visitor’s don’t take these slag fragments. The Iron Works is definitely worth the stop if you’re into history.

Copake Iron Works blast furnace

Just enough adventure to complete the camping weekend. Once we ventured back to the campsite, we spent the rest of the time packing up our belongings and the camper and then went our separate ways once my friend’s husband arrived to pick the camper up. Tent camping is fun and all but it was definitely a treat having the camper for the weekend! Provided a comfortable and decompressing escape for a girls weekend.

Have you explore the Copake or Taconic State Park area of New York? Share some suggestions for the area in the comments below! Thinking about planning an adventure of your own? Check out InMotion Adventures to see how I can help you plan your road trip or weekend adventure! Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

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A girls weekend is always good for the soul, especially when you combine it with camping and exploring the area of Copake, NY! Between the Copake Hillsdale Farmers Market, Bash Bish Falls, and Hudson Valley Distillers, there's plenty to keep you occupied in the area.

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