Life Update!

Here we are, another unplanned hiatus and another quick life update post in order!

Last you heard from me, I had just come back from our amazing trip to New Orleans with some great friends! Before this festive and exhausting trip, I had begun the process of searching for a new job. As you may know, I had been an Interior Design at Phase Zero Design for over 5 years. Although I do not take my time at PZD for granted, I was getting really fidgety and in need of a change.

MEANWHILE, an eco-tourism lodge in the jungle of southern Belize reached out to me to come and stay with them for free in exchange for some social media and blog coverage. This will be the first time I had ever been offered something travel related in exchange for services so OBVIOUSLY I needed to make this work. In typical Kristin fashion, I made this a priority and booked the flights to Belize while day drinking in New Orleans.

Fast forward 24 hours and I receive a call (as I’m nursing a hangover) from a potential employer. One thing leads to another, I have a phone interview and receive a job offer within minutes of hanging up the phone! Cue the chaotic month long period of quitting a job and starting a new job without even a day off in between! Did you even know WB Mason has designers on staff?? Now you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

MEANWHILE, MEANWHILE, my boyfriend and I are down to the wire with the renovation of our new house, which all needs to be done before our big House Warming fiesta on May 4th. Kyle has family flying in from across the country so it’s kind of a big deal! So every waking minute of our weekends and weeknights have been dedicated to that lately.

SO needless to say, I let the blog slip again!

So here we are, life is starting to level out again. I’m happily settled into the new job, the house is finally coming together, and I’m getting into the swing of the new routine! Looking forward to getting a new blog post up that I’ve been (not) working on for about a month now. And then I’ll be on my way to Belize in which I’ll have even more amazing content to follow then!

OH AND my blog officially turned 2 this month! Happy Birthday KristinInMotion! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been a fun run, and you haven’t heard the last of me yet!

Until next time my friends….

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

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