Gift Guide for the Adventurer in your Life

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The season of gift giving is upon us! But what if the person you are buying for would rather plane tickets than clothes under the tree? As much as we would love to gift someone plane tickets, lord knows that’s not in the budget! So here are a list of suggestions to help make their travels easier, fuel their adventurous spirit, or just celebrate their past journeys!

Travel Essentials

Packing Cubes

Literally a game changer in my life. Packing cubes allow you to organize your suitcase or backpack into compartments so instead of digging through everything and pulling out a bunch of things you don’t need, you can pull out one cube and unzip it to grab what you’re looking for. These cubes by Tripped Travel Gear specifically are compression cubes which allows you to zip them down to a more compressed size to fit more in your bag! High recommend them.

Day Bag / Backpack

It’s always good to have a smaller day bag with you to carry around on your day to day travels or just for a carry on bag on the plane! This bag is also by Tripped Travel Gear but I love it for several reasons. Not only is it lightweight and has a bunch of great compartments and features but it FOLDS up into itself so you can pack it easily!

Travel Towel

If you don’t have one of these microfiber towels yet, you’re making a mistake. It’s small, packable, lightweight, AND dries wicked fast. It’s an absolute essential for traveling in hostels, and also makes a nice beach towel replacement when you’re trying to pack light!


Travel Gadgets


This one is a no-brainer really: every traveler needs an E-Reader! I personally own a Barnes and Noble Nook but if I were to buy a new one, I’d probably go with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Lightweight, holds a million books, long charge, and backlit!

Portable Charger

I received this portable charger by EasyAcc for a Secret Santa gift last year and it has been one of the most USEFUL gifts I’ve ever received. Not only can you charge four devices at once, but it charges fast, can support multiple charges AND has a built in flashlight. And that comes in handy more often than you’d expect! This charger was a game charger during my trip to Iceland!


Everyone can take photos on their cell phone, but there’s nothing like moments you will capture with Polaroid camera like the Fujifilm Instax. The retro vibe and carefree fun you get from taking photos without the chance to delete or edit them will create hours of fun and countless memories to keep forever. And hardly anyone prints photos anymore so this such a great way to display your travels and memories!

Cell Phone Lenses

Cell phones are capable of taking some amazing photos today, so why not take them to the next level. Instead of buying a whole fancy DSLR camera with expenses lenses, purchase these little guys and clip them right on to your phone! It allows you to take wide angle, macro (close-up) and fish eye shots.

Unique Gift Cards

Airbnb Gift Card

It’s nice to receive Amazon or Visa gift cards, but why not take it to the next level and help support your person’s next adventure! Airbnb is one of the most common options for accommodation these days, and with locations all over the world, the card will definitely not go to waste! Gift Card

Maybe the adventurer in your life is more of a hotel person than an Airbnb person… don’t worry, they have gift cards for that too! I use for a lot of my trips and it works out great because when you book enough time with them, they’ll give you a free night stay! The price of accommodation can really add up when you’re planning a trip, so giving someone a little extra to throw down on their trip is super helpful!

Groupon Deals

I don’t have a cute photo link for this, but has TONS of Getaway options for great prices! I’ve used Groupon for many hotel stays in unique places, and I know friends who have done cruises through them and had a great experience as well! Scroll through their offerings, it might be just what you were looking for!


Journals and Memories

Adventure Journal

If the traveler in your life is anything like me, then they NEED an adventure journal. When you’re traveling, the days fly by and you are in stimulation overload, and before you know it, you are home and the whole trip feels like a blur. It’s important to record the details of the trip along the way so you can go back and remember the little things as well as the big ones! This particular journal even has a pocket in the back to keep all your ticket stubs and receipts in! Perfect!

Cork Board World Map

This cork map of the world is a unique way to display memories from your travels! You can pin photos, ticket stubs, things you collected or maybe your person is a pin collector like me! These cork boards come in maps of the U.S. as well if the traveler in your life is more of a domestic traveler! It’s a cool thing to hang up on your walls and remember your trips by!

Ticket Stub Shadow Box

This Ticket Shadow Box is a fun way to display memories! And it doesn’t have to be travel related necessarily! There’s no better way to remind yourself of all the great events and adventures in your life than compiling all the tickets stubs in one place. If you want to gear it towards one trip specifically, throw the ticket stubs, some maps and some mementos all in the shadow box to create a little memory collage!

Wanderlust Jewelry

Raya Was Here Compass Necklace

This jewelry line was created by Travel Influencer Raya Was Here, with all her travels in mind as she designed them. They are simple but pretty and 20% of profits go to building a school in India! I treated myself to this compass necklace, but this is only one of many beautiful travel inspired pieces that would make great gifts for the adventurer in your life! You can also find TONS of travel related jewelry on sites like! Unique and thoughtful gifts like these will never go unappreciated!


I hope this list helps you come up with just the gift you were looking for for the adventurer in your life! Comment below if you have any other ideas or suggestions for gifts! I’d love to hear them! Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!



  1. It’s funny, everybody’s been asking me what I want for Christmas or for my birthday and I have been saying Airbnb gift cards or or things for flights! Cuz I figured, for me, that’s a great idea and could lead to something even bigger but everybody else just said wow, really? That’s it? Because they’re more of a physical Gift buying kind of people so if you just say that you want gift cards it’s almost not good enough? I felt like I was making things a lot easier and then got much for it but then I see that you think it’s a great idea to so I’m going to stick with it! Solidarity!

  2. I got the paperwhite kindle a few years back, love it. It does have a great battery and the backlighting is super nice. I love to bring it everywhere but it saves me on plane rides.

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