Quick Life Update! Why I Took a bit of a Hiatus.

2018 has been a wild year. It has been filled with ups and downs, and adventures and lulls. But my desire to keep this blog going has not gone away. I just needed to focus on other things for a while! Here’s what’s been going on.

The “Ups”

  • We Bought a House! We started the process a while ago (meeting with a realtor, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, checking out houses on Zillow) and then a house fell into our lap. My boyfriend Kyle’s old landlord decided that he didn’t want the hassle of owning a house anymore, and offered to sell it to us for a (really low) price! Thus began the saga that is home ownership. In order for it to pass for an FHA loan, we (meaning 95% Kyle) had to paint peeling paint, trim up the yard, paint the foundation and take down and nasty old shed in the back. We then had to rent a dumpster and completely GUT the house since we bought it “As-is.” And now we are living at my parents for a month while we get in some pest control and professional cleaners to make the place livable! The process feels never ending but I’ll be excited when we’re finally moved in! Once we’re in, the real work starts. New floors, painting everything, taking down walls, renovating bathrooms, building new closets, etc. The list is endless. Comment below if you’re interested in some blog updates about it! Thinking about documenting the process!
  • Endless Celebrations: We’ve been celebrating weddings, engagements, pregnancies and exciting career moves galore. It’s been a season of new and exciting things for everyone in our lives so the good vibes are endless!
  • Focusing on my self-health: With the chaos of everything, I decided to take a break from the tough Crossfit world and focus solely on yoga and hiking. Weekly hikes with my friend Cherie connect us with nature and give us the chance to escape the stress for a moment and breathe. I also now practice yoga and meditation daily with some journal practice as well. There is literally no better way to start a stressful day.

The “Downs”

  • In September, we were sad to see the health of our family dog diminish. Ms. Bailey has been a part of my life since I was in 6th grade and she acted like a puppy until the very end. She passed away overnight in the comfort of her home after a wonderful 14 years with us. She is greatly missed.
  • The same day I found out about my dog, I also found out that my project manager, mentor and close friend was leaving the company. As much as I was excited for her to pursue her goals of working at the nation’s top architecture firm, I was devastated to see her go. This also left it up to me to step up and fill her shoes which has been a nothing but stressful experience for me. Haven’t given up yet though!
  • If there was one word to describe the last couple months, it is Overwhelm. The balance of taking on new responsibilities at work, buying a home, mega-medical bills, mourning the loss of a dog, packing and moving and keeping up with a social life has left me anxiety filled, sleepless and over-emotional. It’s been a struggle trying to find my center again and to overcome these strong feelings of the floor dropping out from beneath me, but I think I’m finally getting there! (See the “Ups” of focusing on self-health!)

Where I’ve Been..

  • Finger Lakes: In August, I went away to the Watkins Glen area of the Finger Lakes Region with my parents! We rent the cutest little Airbnb cottage overlooking Seneca Lake and explore the area surrounding us. We went to wineries, had dinner at a brewery, went on a road trip around the lake and hiked through Watkins Glen Gorge before the crowds. The trip was the perfect little getaway for my parents and I! I will continue to keep recommending this region to anyone in New England to venture to!
  • Connecticut Coast: Kyle and I had the opportunity to escape to the coast of Connecticut for one last beach day before the fall crept in. We enjoyed every minute of it, even the random church that showed up to christen a bunch of people in the ocean next to us! If nothing else, it provided us a good laugh and a great conversation starter with the people around us!
  • Unadilla Camping Trip: Kyle races dirt bikes for a hobby and this year they got to race at Unadilla MX in Upstate New York! Close enough to drive to, but far enough away, to make it a camping trip! We invited our close friend’s and one of their son’s to join us on the trip and had a great time. We set up a huge camp with Kyle and his family, built a nice fire and had some drinks, then spent the entire next day, running around the tracks to get all the best views! It may have been a bit chilly, but I always love a good camping trip.
  • New England Trail: When life started to become to crazy to plan any bigger adventures, my friend Cherie and I started making it a priority to get out and hike every Sunday morning. The New England Trail (NET) runs north from the coast of Connecticut up through western Massachusetts and ends at the New Hampshire border. We stumbled on it since it runs right through both of our home towns. So every week we’d decide on a section to thru-hike and park a car at either end. The weather was beautiful, we had the trails to ourselves and the therapeutic benefits were countless.
  • New York City: This year my company was invited to NYC for the Footlocker On Our Feet Gala again. This was my third year attending this event and love it every time. Not only do we get to connect with our client on a personal basis, but we get to dress up in gowns and sneakers and rub elbows with some sports celebrities! AND it’s all for a good cause! I typically don’t prefer to visit to NYC but once a year for this event is perfect!

Where I’m Going!

  • North Carolina: I’m hopping on a plane today with my cousin Alycia to fly down to Charlotte, NC! We will be visiting with our other cousin Keegan for a couple days before the three of us head out to Asheville, NC for the weekend! I’m excited for a trip full of hiking, fall foliage, good food/beer and good company! It’s exactly what I need right now to relax and refuel!
  • Brentwood, TN: I just found out that next month, I’ll be flying down to a town just outside of Nashville with my boss for our client’s “Architect’s Summit!” I’m looking forward to the summit, but I’m also hoping to extend the trip a day or two and get a little Nashville exploring in! I went last year but it’s one of those places that you crave going back to the second you leave!

The Long Term Plans (On the Boards)

  • Boston weekend for my birthday in January with some friends?
  • Long weekend in February for a winter weekend getaway with my boyfriend?
  • Chicago for a design conference maybe?
  • Family Christmas Trip to Australia! I’ve got at least one family member on board!! I’m dying to go!

I’m really hoping to get back into the swing of things! Thanks for reading and comment below with any thoughts or just to say hi!

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