5 Architecture Destinations to Visit in New England

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When most people think of New England, they think quaint colonial style towns, or Federal-style architecture from the early days of America, but there’s much more to this region than that. From the Bauhaus style architecture of Walter Gropius and Philip Johnson, to the Gilded Age mansions on the Newport coastline, there’s a wide variety to explore. Here are five architecture destinations across New England to explore this summer.


  1. The Glass House (New Canaan, CT)

New Canaan was home to some of the most iconic modernist era architects including Philip Johnson, who designed The Glass House. The home is a simple glass box located in the middle of a meadow with a collection of furniture designed by architect Mies van der Rohe.

The use of glass walls allowed the landscape to double as “wallpaper” for the home. You can visit and tour the home as well as several other buildings and galleries on the property.

I don’t know about you but I have a fear of windows at night. Going to need a lot of curtains to live there…
Glass House by Philip Johnson
Architectural Digest


  1. The Gropius House (Lincoln, MA)

The Bauhaus inspired architecture came to America after the founder Walter Gropius fled Nazi Germany and relocated to the states to teach at Harvard.  His home in Massachusetts was small but influential in its use of innovative, modern materials. The home focused on simplicity and efficiency in both its layout and its design. Similar to The Glass House, the landscape was an important part of the design as well. Today it is a historic house museum and is open for tours.

Fun Fact: We toured this home while I was in college. We then had to model it using foam core and cardboard. I’d give that project a solid C-.
Gropius House by Walter Gropius


  1. The Breakers (Newport, RI)

If you haven’t explored at least one of the mansions in Newport yet, make it a priority to go to The Breakers this year. Sharply contrasting the simple and modern houses of Gropius and Johnson, the mansions are grand displays of the wealthiest families in America. The massive halls of the Breakers are decorated in rich golds and reds, with ornament inspired by Italian Renaissance style architecture. This “summer cottage” can be toured year round now, including Christmas time, when they festively decorate the home.

This is only one of several mansions available to tour. Never gets old wandering around and pretending you actually live there!
The Breakers, Newport Mansion
F.E. Castleberry


  1. First Presbyterian Church (Stamford, CT)

Along with New Canaan, Stamford is also home to many bold, modern buildings. The First Presbyterian Church, also known as “The Fish Church” was designed by mid-century architect Wallace Harrison. The use of stained glass creates a sapphire illusion despite the use of heavy concrete structure. The exterior architecture is unique, but the interior is stunning and well worth a visit. The church is still in use today for regular church services but it is open to visitors as well.

First Presbyterian Church in Stamford, CT


  1. Grace Farms (New Canaan, CT)

Though the River Building at Grace Farms is the newest piece of architecture on this list, the winding structure does not disappoint. Inspired by a river flowing down the hillside, the architects and owners of the property collaborated on a design that was one with the landscape while providing a variety of uses to the community. The building is home to a sanctuary, a library, a community space, a pavilion and a multi-purpose court for activities. There are tours offered of the building, or you can just wander the grounds yourself and utilize the building as intended.

If only all architecture complimented it’s surrounding landscape like this one! Respect the land!
Grace Farms in New Canaan, Connecticut
Travel + Leisure


Are you a fan of touring architecture while you travel? Have any favorites in New England that I missed? Comment below with your suggestions! Until next time…

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

5 Architecture Destinations in New England to Travel to This Summer. Gropius House, Glass House, The Breakers, First Presbyterian Church, Grace Farms


  1. Great article. I enjoy keeping up with Kristin in Motion. You never disappoint. Sharing to my FB page so friends can also enjoy and perhaps explore.

  2. I would never have guessed that some of these are in New England! I haven’t really spent much time in that region but will have to plan some trips…maybe when the leaves change!

  3. Ahh these are all so amazing! And all so different I can’t even pick a favourite! The glass house looks like it would be amazing at night time though.

  4. At the breaker house did people really live in that mansion? Or is it in the style of the European Mansions were there just council’s and meetings that go on in there but nobody actually lives? It would be mind-blowing to see that ceiling everyday!

  5. I’m not usually a fan of touring architectural sites when I travel unless it’s a historical site. I do love how these buildings look, although the glass house is funny to me because it’s not really functional.

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