May 2017 Wrap-up!

Long time, no talk! May was the first month this year that I didn’t travel at all but it didn’t disappoint in terms of awesome weekend activities and BIG CHANGES!

I moved!!

Yup, I officially moved in with my boyfriend Kyle! Same town, new experiences! This is the main reason that I have completely neglected my blog this last month: so much to do! We are living in a quirky old home built in the 1800s, and every line, ceiling and floor is slanted! Couldn’t be more perfect for us though and I’m thrilled for this new chapter in my life! Now that we’re kinda settled, I think I’ll be able to get back to posting more often.


WEEKEND #1: Alcohol adventures!

Drove down to Stony Creek Brewery for the La Garza Baja Beach Blast! They released a new beer called La Garza and threw an epic party to celebrate it! Stony Creek Brewery is located right on the water of southern Connecticut so the scenery is worth the visit alone. They also had live music, food trucks and plenty of lawn games set up to participate in.

[Pro Tip: Don’t mess with their heron statues, they don’t find it as funny as we do!]

Since we had eaten right when we first got to the brewery , we scouted out a pizza place in the area to go to after the event and ended up at Benny J’s Pizza in Branford,CT. In a unanimous decision, we went with a delicious white pizza. Can’t go wrong.

On our way back, we stopped at Thimble Island Brewery for one last beer before the trek home. The brewery had board games on all the tables and a little back room with old school arcade game machines! Thimble Island also had an adjoining back room with a comedy show going on, so I’d imagine it would be a cool location to rent out for events!

[Arcade games and beer? What more could you ask for!?]

On Sunday we went to Brignole Vineyards and picked up our Connecticut Wine Trail Passports! There are 34 vineyards listed on the Wine Trail, and if you get a certain amount of them stamped before November, you can be entered to win a trip to Spain! Challenge Accepted.


WEEKEND #2: More Alcohol Adventures!

Kicked the weekend off on Friday night by grabbing some sushi and beer and heading up to Old Newgate Prison with Kyle to watch the sunset. I’ve never had the opportunity to tour the prison when it was open but hopefully it will reopen to visitors someday! Scaling the walls and peeking in does not suffice!

The prison has a series of tunnels built underground into the mountain that used to hold prisoners during the Revolutionary War before it was eventually closed down for being inhumane.

[Hmm… I wonder why?]

The next day, we got invited to jump in a limo and drive around to a couple vineyards in Connecticut for my friend Crystal’s bachelorette party! The weather held off long enough for us to explore both Jonathan Edwards Vineyard and Stonington Vineyards.

[We got our second and third stamps in our CT Wine Trail Passport!]

Both of these locations are beautiful with plenty of seating options inside and outside (weather permitting of course!) If you’re trying to hit as many CT Wine Trail vineyards as possible, you’ll want to go to Saltwater Farm Vineyard as well. These three vineyards are located close together and can easily be grouped together for one day trip.


WEEKEND #3: Even More Alcohol Adventures!

This weekend we stayed local and went to Westfield River Brewing Company’s Springfest event in Southwick, MA. This is the second time we’ve been to an event there because they host a great party. They pack up a bunch of beer kegs and hike up the hill behind the brewery to a field where they set up tent for bands and host multiple different (delicious) food trucks! People bring blankets, chairs, friends and family and just hang out for the day, then end the night dancing to the bands. I highly recommend checking out an event hosted at WRBC if you’re ever in the area!

Sunday we woke up bright and early and headed up to the hill-towns of Western Massachusetts for Kyle’s Motocross race. Ended up being beautiful weather and it was a hell of a good time watching the races! Huntington is one of my favorite locations to run away to for a couple hours in the summer. There are plenty of spots on the river or lakes to relax on a warm summer day.

However, I had to take off from Kyle’s race down to East Granby, CT for Book club! We decided to go to Brignole Vineyards again and enjoy some wine while we discussed our book of choice this month!

[P.S. Our book club group is open to anyone if you’re looking for suggestions! You don’t have to come to meetings to join the facebook group! Let me know if you’re interested!]

WEEKEND #4: Less adventures, same amount of Alcohol!

MEMORIAL DAY / MOVING WEEKEND! Spent every moment of our free time moving things over to the new apartment in between weddings, races and grad parties! Had a blast at my coworker’s wedding on Saturday night at a great venue in South Windsor, CT and then the next day relaxed with the family for my cousin’s college graduation party.

Spent all day Monday doing the heavy lifting moving and then unpacking as much as possible to try to get the apartment to livable condition before the work week. We succeeded and then treated ourselves to a bottle of wine, sushi and a movie.

[Getting the wine unpacked was clearly a top priority!]


I hope you all had as great of a month as I did! If that’s a sign for the kind of summer I’m going to have, it’s going to be one hell of a summer!

Stay Wild and Adventure On!

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