Adventures and Desk Jobs

A Quick Little Introduction:

Hi All! Welcome to my first blog post! If you haven’t read my “About Me” blurb on the side bar or don’t know me personally, my name is Kristin, I’m 26 from Western Massachusetts and work as an Interior Designer in the retail industry. Despite the career choice, I have a huge passion for traveling and adventures and it tends to consume my thoughts more often than not. I sit at a desk all day, I’m the typical millennial that feels like she’s barely getting by (i.e., “Adulting”), and I refuse to sit at home and just pay bills! You feel me?

The Problem: Careers are Suffocating

When you’re just starting off in a career, companies tend to offer a whopping 10 days of vacation time and 5 days of sick time.

[How generous right!?]

There is also this depressing belief that travel is too expensive and so people just don’t do it! How can we possibly afford to travel when we’re too busy buying our Starbucks drinks and going out to the same bars with the same people every weekend?

[Can you sense my sarcasm?]
  • “But it’s not traveling if I’m not going to Iceland and instagramming drinks in the Blue Lagoon!”
  • “I would travel but flights to Europe are too expensive!”
  • “I can’t just quit my job and travel like you see people do online!”
  • “The world is too dangerous! There’s ISIS everywhere!”
[News Flash: You’re living in a bubble!]

I’m here to tell you, there are ways to travel and explore AND keep your job!

The Solution: Mini and Budget Adventures!

Unfortunately, we can’t fight the system and acquire more vacation days. BUT HEY! Stay healthy and you can use some of those sick days maybe? If Ferris Bueller can play sick, so can we!

[Don’t tell your boss I said that.]

As I mentioned in my rude sarcastic comment before, we don’t even realize how much we spend on the daily coffees and the nights out paying for the same expensive drinks at the same bars. I love that shit too, but if you want to travel, sacrifice is necessary. Those are only two examples of the things you could eliminate to save money! I’ll go into detail on that in a post down the road. A little budgeting, a little sacrifice and a whole lotta prioritization, and you’ll be going on adventures in no time!

[And for the love of god, please stop paying to get your nails done.]

And if you have said or thought any of the above quotations / excuses, just stick around! I’ll change your mind. Believe it or not, you can travel on a budget, there are many more places to travel to besides the trendy places you see on Facebook, you can find some of the best treasure right in your backyard, it’d be nice to be paid to travel but we all know that’s not realistic, and NO, ISIS isn’t out to get you. The media is out of control. Really, don’t even get me started on that nonsense.

[I’m talking to you Mom…]

So stick around to hear about my adventures and learn some of my tips and tricks for breaking away from the desk! I hope that I can inspire you to create your own adventures as well!


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